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Planned Giving

Planned Giving

If you would like assistance with planning a gift to LRSS, please contact Rob Blizard, our new development director.  He is happy to help you anytime with any giving discussions you would like to have.   

He has 20 years of experience working with donors on all types of gifts and in all aspects of fundraising.  He can help you structure a substantial gift to LRSS for while you are living or after you pass.  

For gifts during your lifetime, you or your business might consider not only a significant cash donation, but also a gift-in-kind of tangible supplies or equipment, or an intangible pro bono gift of expertise.  You can make gifts of stock and other securities (bonds, mutual fund shares, etc.) as well as from your IRA, if you are over age 70½, in a taxwise manner.   

If you are considering a contribution to help the charity after your death, he can assist you with the basics of planning a gift in your will or trust.

There are many ways to arrange a bequest—for a specific dollar amount, a percentage, the residuary amount left after gifts to heirs and expenses, etc.  If you are generous enough to remember LRSS in your will, please be sure to include our IRS identification number in your estate planning document:  54-1285712. This number is analogous to a Social Security number for businesses and including it in your document ensures there is no confusion between LRSS and any other nonprofit about which one is the beneficiary. 

Rob can provide basic information on setting up charitable trusts, designating us as a beneficiary on a financial account (including your retirement plan) or other asset such as life insurance, or contributing works of real estate, artwork or jewelry.  There are also more complex gifts like a retained life estate, which allows you to donate your home and take a current tax deduction, while permitting you to live there for the rest of your life.  

Rob is unallowed by law to advise you about any of these giving methods but he can provide you and your estate planner with information on the basics to get started. 

Just give Rob a call at 703-893-0068 ext. 1800 or e-mail him at, and he will be glad to meet with you to talk about donations to LRSS.



Thank you so much for considering a planned gift to help LRSS’s clients in the future.  Without your support, we cannot continue to be the vital lifeline we are today and ensure that those in need will continue to live the rich, full lives they deserve.

 If you let us know about your planned gift, you become a member of Langley Residential's recognition group for planned giving donors: the Russell Stevens Legacy Society.  Here is the story of Mr. Stevens, as told by Executive Director Betsy Schatz in March 2020:

"We have just launched LRSS’s new legacy society for recognizing planned giving donors.  We have named the group for Russell Stevens, the second chair of the board of directors for our nonprofit, which was founded in 1983.

 Russell was a child of the Great Depression years and a WWII veteran from New England.  He served in the Army and later obtained multiple degrees, including his Ph.D.  He was a retired professor and a member of Trinity United Methodist Church in McLean—one of our three founding churches.

 Russell had no prior connection to our organization or the issue of developmental disabilities, but when he learned at church that we needed assistance, he jumped into action.  He would do everything from type our proposals to the county on his typewriter—eschewing the new personal computers—to fixing toilets in our homes. 

 Russell was one of the most principled and frugal men I’ve ever met, and despite an exterior that was sometime a bit gruff, he was an extremely caring person.  Langley Residential benefitted from his brilliant intellect that created a funding mechanism to keep us afloat for a long time.  After many years, he stepped down from the board and later returned to New England.

 He was dedicated to our clients and our mission like few other people have been over these past few decades.  I still miss working with him and I frequently reflect on how lucky that Langley Residential has been to have had him operating on our behalf.  We should all be deeply grateful.

 We selected Russell as a namesake for this recognition group because his commitment, compassion and impact on the organization were so profound.  Similarly, your planned gifts—typically, those contributions you arrange to have the charity receive after your death—can have an enormous impact on the mission and programs of any charity. 

 As a result, we encourage all of you to consider a planned gift to LRSS as you ponder your estate plans.  Our programs have helped so many adults with developmental disabilities these past few decades and your donation intended for the future is necessary to keep our services and efforts robust and effective."

To become a member of our new Russell Stevens Legacy Society, please let us know about how you have planned a contribution for LRSS in the coming years.  If you inform us of your planned gift prior to December 31 of this year, we will consider you a charter member of the Russell Stevens Legacy Society and specially recognize these donors early next year, if they give us permission to include their names.  Details about the type and amount of the planned gift will remain confidential, of course.