Langley Residential Support Services
Langley Residential Support Services
Does the Idea of Helping People Realize Their Dreams Excite You?

Does the Idea of Helping People Realize Their Dreams Excite You?

Do you find it rewarding to help people build on their strengths? Are you an energetic, people-oriented person who likes to work as part of a team? If so, please consider applying for a position with Langley Residential Support Services (LRSS), where you can make a positive impact in the lives of the men and women with developmental disabilities. 

To get a sense of what a day in the life of a Langley counselor is like, please click here to learn how one of our counselors described a recent day at work.

For 40 years, Langley Residential has been a leader among Residential and Community Support providers for adults with developmental disabilities in the Fairfax County/Falls Church City area. The individuals we support work hard to overcome challenges and increase their capacity to be self-sufficient and independent. We are so proud of the dedicated and caring professionals who make up our staff. Our employees embrace possibilities and create opportunities for the people in our programs to be successful. They are extremely committed to supporting the women and men we serve, and they often go beyond the call of duty to be an advocate for each individual.

If you are interested in combining your education and communication skills in a satisfying and stimulating career in social services, we urge you to contact us.

Current Job Openings

Job Descriptions

There are four primary positions among our Direct Support Services staff. By clicking on the job titles listed below, you will be able to download a description of the position including duties, responsibilities, and qualifications.

Pre- & Post-Employment Requirements

Langley Residential is an equal opportunity employer. State and county licensure guidelines require LRSS employees to receive and maintain training and other certifications pre- and post-employment.  


All candidates must demonstrate the required skills and education necessary to perform the job, have an uneventful driving record, possess a valid driver's license, and be able to pass a criminal background check and social services background check.


After a person is hired, in addition to meeting Langley Residential’s high job performance standards, specific training classes must be completed within the first 180 days of employment unless otherwise noted. Please click here to see a list of required post-employment training.

Certification must be kept current, so there will be additional training required over the course of the staff member’s employment with LRSS. Because the training is required under state licensure guidelines, instruction will be provided by or paid for by Langley Residential.